Consultant’s Review Prompted Discussion On How To Stifle ‘Activist Playground’


A document provided to Friends of Wholefoods uncovers more evidence of the still unseen independent review of Wholefoods conducted after the recommendation from TL Consult in mid-2011. We provide a taste of some of the quotes on the document dated to the 25/10/11, entitled Comments to “Review and Report of Wholefoods Restaurant by Tony Schindler Food Service Consulting,” with a selection of the dot points:

    • “Balcony – an enviro group used to decorate the balcony with low-maintenance plants. Even so, due to neglect the ecstatic of the balcony is badly affected (soil and dead leaves everywhere etc). We were warned by the University against further attempts to set-up a garden in the balcony. In addition, since the balcony is none lockable, it gets messed up after hours (misuse by groups for meetings, ******** ******* ).
    • Graffiti style décor – we can renovate and clean up the space, however, there is a need to change the perception/ culture and put enforcement procedures in place to stop people from treating the place as their own. E.g. dumping furniture and unwanted stuff, decorate when they like, paint/ spray paint messages, postering.
    • Invitation for speakers/ open forums needs to be monitor. Extra support is needed to achieve it e.g. to prevent the place from turning into activist playground.
    • The consultant’s feeling that our food is just lentils and cardboard biscuits indicates a need to re-brand Wholefoods and change the historical perception and culture towards the business. New markets need to be targeted and updated methode de operation in order for the business to break-even.”
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