Consultant’s Review Prompted ‘Recommendation’ to Serve Meat in Wholefoods

In a similar vein to the document published last week, this document reveals  recommendations made by management to, among other things, introduce meat to the Wholefoods menu. This is part of the management response to the still unseen ‘independent’ review of Wholefoods conducted after the recommendation from TL Consult in mid-2011. This document is also dated 25/10/11,and is part of the Comments to “Review and Report of Wholefoods Restaurant by Tony Schindler Food Service Consulting.”:

“My recommendation

1. One business/product cannot speak/cater to all the needs of the different groups/markets in the Monash University Community. It might be worth to look at a long term goal of splitting the business into two – 1. A vegetarian and vegan budget outlet 2. A green and ethical food outlet (which includes meat)

2. Catering can be expanded with more support.

3. The core customer base has to be one that is not affected by University scheduling trends.

4. The business needs to have 4 service periods. (Take-away can be used as an alternative to a service hour if necessary).

5. A major campaign is needed yearly to change the historical perception of the name (at least for 5 years). The alternative is to re-brand.”

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